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Mission & Mandate

Helping Business Owners Exit with Dignity and Profitably

ROI Corporation Business Brokerage focuses on small to medium size privately held businesses. We are a full-service business brokerage and succession planning advisory corporation. We work with your team of professional advisors, or help you identify professionals to bring into your team in order to assist with your business transition whether it be in the near or distant future. ROI Corporation Business Brokerage consists of a diverse team of skilled intermediaries who are licensed and trained to interpret every facet of your business. Most importantly our collective knowledge is applied in a common-sense manner; with perception, objectivity and integrity.

Whether you are selling or transferring to one or more family members, selling or transferring to management, or selling to third party we offer a range of services that suit you and fall within the scope of your succession plan and ultimate exit strategy. We assist you to exit with dignity and profitably while uncovering hidden value in your business.

Benefits of Working with ROI Corporation Business Brokerage


We have been an active member of the Business Brokerage community since 1974.


Our team of professionals are focused and dedicated to selling your business expeditiously and profitably.

Trust and Confidentiality

We pride our reputation on providing you with strict confidentiality.

Proven Results

Our record is second to none.

ROI Corporation is proud to be on the approved list of appraisers for all Canadian Banks. We are often engaged by leaders for appraisals or to provide a second opinion.