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Selling A Business

The sale of your business is very often a once in a lifetime event. ROI Corporation, Business Brokerage employs skilled intermediaries to work with you through the complex process of selling your business. Our team of experts will work with you from the initial consultation, through the appraisal process, confidential marketing, managing offers and negotiation and finally through closing the sale of your business. 

Why hire a Business Brokerage?

We understand that you as a business owner have invested heavily physically, emotionally and financially into growing your business. We acknowledge that running a business is both challenging and time consuming. Business Brokers are arms length third party intermediaries who help navigate you through the complex and sophisticated process of selling a business. We encourage you to focus on what you are highly skilled at, and that’s the operations of your business and let us focus on what we are experienced at, and that’s selling your business.   ROI Corporation, Business Brokerage consists of a team of highly skilled intermediaries who focus on:

  • Protecting the identity of the business and providing information regarding the business on only a pre-qualified basis.
  • We market your business in its “best light” to lead to you receiving Fair Market Value.
  • We aren’t emotionally attached to every facet of your business and its operations. We assess your business as third party and arms length to assist you in your business transition.
  • Business brokers act as a buffer between you and the buyer which helps when dealing with the delivery of sensitive information as well as strategic negotiations.
  • There is an astonishing amount of paperwork involved in the sale of a business no matter the size of your company. We help navigate you through the process always keeping a close attention to upcoming deadlines.
  • We work closely with your lawyers, accountants, bankers and other advisory team members to keep the transaction moving smoothly and in a timely manner. 

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