ROI Corporation, Business Brokerage

Do you know what your

Business is worth?

The ROI Corp Process

It is important to remember why an appraisal of your business is the right thing to do. Our dedicated and multi-factorial methodology determines the accurate fair market value of your business for such undertakings as:

  • financial planning
  • insurance needs analysis
  • matrimonial
  • purchase and sale
  • re-financing
  • incorporation
  • partnership
  • dissolution
  • disability/death
  • retirement planning
  • succession planning
  • and so much more!

ROI Corporation, Business Brokerage has a proven track record of sales excellence; helping transition ownership since 1974. Our team of experts work to ensure you receive fair market value for your business. We work through the intricacies of selling your business while keeping the entire process confidential so you can concentrate on focusing on business operations.

ROI Corporation, Business Brokerage represents the business while paying particular attention to the following facets.

Market Research and Appraisal

In order to create an accurate appraisal of your business we conduct market research on your business and industry. We assess your business as if we are scrutinizing your business from the buyer's perspective. We scrutinize your business from the buyers perspective in an effort to uncover value enhancement opportunities, determine whether the business in ready for sale and identify hidden value to your company. When uncovering value enhancement opportunities, we aim to assist you with transition planning to position your business for sale in order to receive top dollar.

Marketing Plan

As an intermediary between buyers and sellers, we advertise your business for sale without disclosing your identity. We "handle" the pre-screening of all potential buyers from a qualified buyer pool in order to help identify buyers who are the right fit for your business.

Negotiations, Due Diligence and Closing

Setting the terms and conditions with a prospective qualified buyer involves intermediaries who are skilled in the art of negotiations. Once a conditional offer has been presented, we assist the business owner with negotiations, due diligence and the closing process. Our team of professionals at ROI Corporation, Business Brokerage will work with your team of professionals in order to finalise the sale in a timely manner.